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All That Is Hidden, a Novel
~by Laura DeNooyer~

Are secrets worth the price they cost to keep?

All That Is Hidden is a beautiful novel, the kind of book that sweeps you up in its story, makes you fall in love with its characters, and breaks your heart along with theirs.”
Writer’s Digest

"This richly layered story is a most rewarding read . . . The gentle power of this book gains momentum until it reaches a dramatic and moving end.” ~ Ann Emanuel, Commuter Week

“There’s a touch of Laura Ingalls Wilder simplicity in the descriptions of home life, crafts, cooking and chores, a sprinkling of Stephen King in its authentic portrayal of small-town life and dialogue, and a dash of To Kill a Mockingbird in its deeper themes of truth, trust, love, betrayal and forgiveness. That’s one heck of a mix.” ~ Ariane Jenkins,

"The story gives such a strong sense of family interactions that you’ll feel you’ve been invited to a reunion, rich in good food and conversation that often makes you laugh–but also presses on some deep wounds. Central is the clash of progress with a small tight-knit community in which people can be deeply concerned with the work and interests of their neighbors.” ~ Dr. Steve Eberly, Western Carolina University

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Ten-year-old Tina Hamilton always knew her father had a secret.

In 1968, trouble erupts when northern exploitation threatens her tiny southern Appalachian town.

Some folks blame Tina’s father. His hidden past catches up to him as his secret settles in like an unwelcome guest.

Are secrets worth the price they cost to keep?

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